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PS-X10-100 TDR Probe Kit

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Compact in size with commonly used fixed pitch size probes
  • Calibrated by Keysight high-performance Network Analyzer
  • Full package with differential and single-end probes, cables and calibration substrate
  • TDR Calibration substrate with characteristic impedances at 28, 50 and 75 ohms and short circuit
  • Optional ESD protection device built in differential probe handle


Handy Probe Solution for your TDR measurement

Keysight TDR Probe kit is a handy probe solution for your TDR measurement. It is specially designed for users who need to make TDR measurement by holding the probe by hand. The existing probing solution in the market is either expensive or not easy to hold by hand.

Keysight Application Engineers have been working with many customers in making TDR measurement. They fully understand customers' challenges in probing the device under test - usually printed circuit board for stable and accurate impedance measurement. They designed this probe kit by improving the design of many existing probe solutions based on the practical needs.

The probe kit is made by Keysight qualify partnership to minimize the cost. The quality of the probe is ensured by calibration with Keysight high performance 20 GHz Network Analyzer.

Item Purpose
Two differential TDR probe tips With different probe tip diameters pitch separation can be varied between 0.5mm to 3mm
Differential probe handle For hand holding the probe for measurement
Two single-end probes · Hold the antenna under test
· Enable measurement from different direction
Spare ground pins pack Ground pins removable from different probe tips and single-end probe
TDR calibration substrate (N1020A-K05) Characteristic impedance at 28, 50, 75 ohm and short
Two RG400 high-bandwidth SMA cables For connection between TDR instrument and probe
Test data report Calibrated by Keysight high-performance Network Analyzer
ESD protection Build in differential probe handle to safeguard TDR from ESD damage