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Key Features & Specifications

  • MegaZoom technology provides fast, responsive deep memory capture
  • Users can install upgrades without opening the instrument case or requiring on-site service.
  • Option 040 increases acquisition memory depth to 8Mpts (2 channels 4Mpts each, 8Mpts single channel)
  • Option 080 increases acquisition memory depth to 16Mpts (2 channels 8Mpts each, 16Mpts single channel)
  • Option 160 increases acquisition memory depth to 32Mpts (2 channels 16Mpts each, 32Mpts single channel)
  • Option 320 increases acquisition memory depth to 64Mpts (2 channles 32Mpts each, 64Mpts single channel)
  • Option 640 increases acquisition memory depth to128Mpts ( 2 channles 64Mpts each, 128Mpts single channel)

*After-purchase acquisition memory upgrade option only available on all Infiniium 8000 Series models and Infiniium 54830B/31B/32B models with serial number MY41003601 or greater, 54830D/31D/32D models with MY42001901 or greater, or 54833A/33D models with MY43000801 or greater.


The industry's deepest acquisition memory is available up to 128Mpts in the Infiniium 54830 Series. Responsive waveform capture is maintained with MegaZoom deep memory technology in each memory upgrade.

Capture the longest time spans at full sample rate with your 2-channel Infiniium 54830 Series oscilloscope with an acquisition memory upgrade. Longer time capture at full sample rate provides superior acquisitions to hunt down those difficult to find problems in applications with mixed analog and digital signals, serial busses, or various communication signals. Signal analysis capabilities of the oscilloscope are greatly enhanced with deep memory including jitter analysis, serial data analysis, or RF domain analysis with FFT's or vector signal analysis software.