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N5880A cdma2000®/IS-95/AMPS Enhanced Wireless Test Manager

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

Supports 8960 Lab Application

  • E6702B cdma2000® lab application


  • Pre-defined test steps and devices with user-friendly Windows® interface make it easy to define and change test plans without any programming
  • Visual Basic .NET based development plaftform provides maximum flexibility for customizing test steps and adding new instruments
  • Supports lab applications with advanced features to simplify and expedite pre-conforemance, quality assurance and press testing.


The N5880A wireless test manager for cdma2000/IS-95/AMPS technology was created for use by R&D test engineers. The N5880A is a powerful, flexible standard platform. Its user-friendly features make it easy to define final tests and calibrate tests for wireless device verification and pre-conformance testing.

To expedite custom test development, N5880A uses the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. In addition to providing all of the features of the E6567C wireless test manager, N5880A offers:

  • Soft/softer handoff
  • Fading test
  • Data analyzer
  • Wireless protocol advisor data logging
  • Pseudo-random looping

Use the E6567C demo program to understand the latest N5880A fundamental features. This demo program does not require connections with test equipment or a software license. This demo program explains the wireless test manager and the latest cdma2000/IS-95/AMPS features.