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PS-X10-100 Multi-Port Device Test Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Saves workbench space as no external controller is required
  • Fast processing test by using built-in VBA language
  • Fast program development time
  • Automated test procedures lead to higher throughput, thus reducing the cost of test
  • Keysight Technical expert in making accurate RF Component test & measurement


If you are making Multi-Port RF Component such as Duplexer, Smart Antenna, Couplers, Power Dividers, Circulators, SAW Filters, Differential Amplifiers, Antenna Switch modules, you will find this Keysight Multi-Port Device Test Solution very useful for you to make fast & accurate measurement.

Keysight's Multi-Port Device Test Solution is a total solution for you to deal with Multi-Port Device testing challenges. A Keysight Application engineer uses a Keysight ENA Series Network Analyzer, a Keysight Multi-Port Test Set, and an Electronic Calibration Kit as the hardware platform. He will use the ENA built-in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language to put together an application program according to your specific needs. On-site installation and training will be provided to make sure you can get the system up and running quickly.


  • Reduced cost of test
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced connector' attrition
  • Improved quality, repeatability, and accuracy in testing
  • Reduced test cycle time


Typical Configuration of a Multi-Port Device Test Solution
Item Purpose
Keysight ENA-L/ENA Series Network Analyzer (E5061/62A or E5070B/71B) Core instrument for multi-port device measurement
Multi-Port Test Set (E5091A) Device to connect your multi-port UUT to the Network Analyzer
4-Port RF Electronic Calibration (ECal) Module (N4431A/B) Enable one-time calibration for all four Network Analyzer ports; no switching between connectors are required
VBA Programming Service (PS-X10-100) A Keysight engineer writes the software according to your testing requirements
On-Site Installation and Startup Assistance Service (PS-X10-100) On-site installation to setup the system and training service to make sure your engineer can get the system up and running quickly