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Short-Wire Fixture Products

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Keysight's test generation process provides all files necessary to accurately and quickly build high performance short wire. The benefits are higher signal integrity, stable tests, duplicate fixtures without debug, and better accuracy at the board device under test (DUT) interface.

Other benefits include:

  • Integral single-plane, short-wire design
  • Lower cost fixtures
  • Faster fixture turn-around time

Bring tester performance to DUT:

  • Average 1-3" wire length
  • Controlled impedances needed reduce overshoot & ringing
  • Reduce fixture noise to improve test stability
  • Terminations
  • Grounding
  • Adjustable slew rate drivers

Integrated fixture design software:

  • Optimizes wire length, probe densities, sizes
  • Supports automated fixture construction
  • Interactive graphical interface

Test economic issues:

  • Repeatability, stability will affect overall product cost
  • Fixture-based pin electronics may be more economical where limited number of devices need to be addressed