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N7502A 1 GHz Bandwidth Signal Simulation System

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Keysight’s N7502A signal simulation system offers 1 GHz bandwidth with unmatched dynamic range up to 44 GHz carrier frequencies, so you can generate ultrawide-bandwidth signals easily and repeatedly. The N7502A system is a combination of high-performance system components, chosen and engineered for optimum capability in complex signal environments, including: radar/EW systems, satellite communications, and terrestrial microwave radio. As your needs change, the N7502A system is scalable to meet them. New equipment, new signals, and new capabilities can be added with minimal disruption to workflow.

  • Frequency coverage: 250 kHz to 20, 31.8 or 44 GHz
  • Wide bandwidth: 1 GHz for RF signals above 3.2 GHz; 160 MHz for RF signals less than 3.2 GHz
  • Fast switching speed: switch frequency in less than 1 ns for signals within the 1 GHz frequency bandwidth
  • Broadband noise floor: less than -135 dBm
  • Phase noise: less than -109 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, CW
  • Wide spurious-free dynamic range
  • System software: Supports a wide variety of software including: MATLAB, LabVIEW, Waveform generation toolbox, Signal Studio for pulse building and I/Q correction