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Key Features & Specifications

  • The E6706A includes all E1966A test application manufacturing-specific features and measurements, helping smooth transition from development to manufacturing
  • 1xEV-DO Rel A ETAP (Enhanced Test Application Protocol) provides the standards compliant measurements required to test the mobile’s TX quality at 1.8 Mbps while testing the receiver quality at 3.1 Mbps
  • Troubleshoot design issues or test setup problems with enhanced data throughput analysis with peak data rates up to 2.4 Mbps and sustained data rates up to 1.5 Mb/s.
    - Data channel connectivity tests high speed packet data connection to a network
    - IP throughput graphical monitor allows analysis of data throughput using controlled data impairments
  • Gain full 2.4 Mbps IP data throughput through the E6706T Lab Application
  • Digital baseband fading provides a complete solution for fading 1xEV-DO access terminals. By integrating the base station emulation functionality and measurements of the E5515C (8960) test set with the digitally-generated channel impairments supplied by the Baseband Studio for Fading you are able to emulate real network conditions without leaving the lab.
  • Mobile IP interface through PPP protocol Layer. Uses SCI’s developed mobile IP simulator, which interfaces with the E5515C through PPP over Ethernet.
  • External protocol logging and analysis software finds and resolves difficult signaling functionality and timing issues faster


Regression and Integration Testing

  • Synchronize two 8960 test sets for functional test of cdma2000/1xEV-DO hybrid mode devices.
  • Powerful 1xEV-DO network emulation support for Hybrid Mode, Mobile IP, MEID, call waiting, and Caller ID
  • Add Baseband Studio for Fading for accurate and realistic network fading impairments.
  • External protocol logging and analysis software

RF and Baseband Development

  • Includes all E1966A test application features and measurements
  • 1xEV-DO Rel A ETAP (Default Packet Application IP data throughput available to E6706B annual contract customers)

The E6706A Lab Application works with the E5515C (8960) wireless communication test set to create a network in a box that delivers true dynamic network performance using default packet application support for real throughput analysis and network emulation. That means the E6706A speeds wireless appliance development with one-box support for fading, Mobile IP, and throughput analysis on a packet data connection, while providing comprehensive parametric measurements.

The Keysight E6706A 1xEV-DO Lab Application is the first one box test set to support 1xEV-DO Rel A ETAP. This functionality provides R&D engineers with standardized RF parametric tests for Rel A, ensuring that components are designed to handle the more stringent modulation requirements. Order the E6706A -102 to receive the Rel A functionality. For customers with existing E6706A licenses, order the E6706AU-102 to receive Rel A ETAP functionality at no additional charge.

Expanding on the test application protocol (TAP) support provided by the Keysight E1966A 1xEV-DO Test Application, E6706A includes external wireless protocol analyzer software, which allows users to find and resolve difficult signaling functionality and timing issues. This software operates on an external PC connected to the 8960 test set through the Ethernet port. You can capture targeted data with three levels of filtering and triggering, thereby reducing the time needed to view lengthy log files.

Want a smooth transition from development to manufacturing? Use the E6706A lab application for development and the E1966A 1xEV-DO test application for manufacturing. These 1xEV-DO products establish identical test limits, allowing you to implement test code development earlier in your process – and with less effort.

What’s New?

  • 1xEV-DO Rel A ETAP support – order E6706A-102 (No charge for customers with existing E6706A licenses)
  • Hybrid Mode support when synchronized with an additional E5515C running the E6702B CDMA lab application
  • Multi-E5515C timing synchronization
  • MEID support

Emulate real network conditions, including fading, without leaving your lab!

The E6706A 1xEV-DO lab application delivers superior RF parametric measurements and the ability to connect to TCP/ IP networks, allowing throughput analysis of applications and protocol development. Add impairments such as digital baseband fading and AWGN, and you have a virtual network on your deck – providing network performance data without the cost and hassle of drive testing a real network.