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E5270A / E5272A / E5273A Parametric Measurement Solutions

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available


As a courtesy to customers, on this page you can find PDF versions of some of the technical literature for these products. The E5270A, E5272A, and E5273A were discontinued on November 1, 2004, and are under support through December 31, 2012.

For precision characterization needs you can replace the E5270A with the E5270B 8-Slot Precision Measurement Mainframe, which is almost 100% code-compatible with the E5270A. It is also possible to upgrade the E5270A to the E5270B. Please refer to the web page on the E5270B for more information.

For high-speed test needs you can replace the E5270A with the E5260A 8-Slot High-Speed Measurement Mainframe, and you can replace the E5272A and E5273A with the E5262A and the E5263A (respectively). The E5260 Series is largely code-compatible with the E5270 Series, except that the E5260 Series does not support all of the low-current and low-voltage measurement ranges supported by the E5270 Series. Please refer to the web pages for these products for more information.

Note: Discontinued means that the product is no longer sold, while obsolete means that the product is no longer supported. Keysight Technologies normally supports products for a minimum of 5 years after discontinuance.