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Key Features & Specifications

  • Make use of the high performance of a Keysight PNA Series Network Analyzer (or Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator) for directional antenna measurement
  • Simple structure in-house antenna pre-qualification solution
  • Able to create far-field dBi radiation pattern
  • Ready to deliver standard antenna measurement platform


Keysight Small Antenna Test Solution is an affordable solution to test small rod antennas or the flat panel antennas associated with a wireless device.

Small Antenna Test Solution is a standard solution which comes with all the required software and hardware accessories. A Keysight technical consultant helps you install the solution in an absorbing chamber or an open space in your site. You can have your own small in-house antenna pre-qualification facilities to test your antenna or wireless device before you send it to any external antenna laboratory for a compliance test.

Item Purpose
A Pair of Standard Gain Horn Antennas · For system calibration
· Frequency range from 1-18 GHz (Customizable for your specific needs)
Transmitting Antenna Tower Hold the transmitter antenna to transmit the test signal
Receiving Antenna Tower with Turntable · Hold the antenna under test
· Enable measurement from different direction
Turntable Controller Box Control the turntable movement
Low Loss Coaxial Cable · 20 meters in length
· Connect the instrument and the antenna under test
Automation Software · Program Keysight instrument to synchronize measurements with the turntable direction
· Acquire and plot the measurement data
82357A USB/GPIB Interface (W1140A-USB) For instrument and turntable control
VEE Pro software license (W1140-A-VEE) Programming platform for the automation software
Onsite Start-up Service (R1360A-103) Keysight Technical Consultant goes to your site for installation, system characterization and operation training