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PS-X10-100 Power Stress Test Application Services

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Keysight Programmable Power Supply units as key system component for repeatable, reliable and accurate measurement results
  • Variable delay time between channels and variable ramping rate to simulate power supply variations
  • Flexible configuration based on your testing needs
  • An easy-to-use user interface saves you plenty of time to learn system operation


Keysight Power Stress Test Application Service is a complete testing solution that ensures PC/Server Motherboard boots-up effectively under various PC Power Supply condition.

Keysight Technical Consultant helps you integrate Keysight Programmable Power supplies together with customized ramp generator modules and delay time modules into a system. It simulates a PC Power Supply working in various operating conditions in order to help ensure your PC/Server board can still boot up and function properly. It generates a competitive advantage to your product by providing this information to your customer.

The system components include:

Item  Purpose
Programmable Power Supply (6651/6652/66101) Provide Power outputs and Power ready signals
Customized Delay Time Module Generate delay time between power outputs and power ready signals
Customized Sweep Generator Module Generate ramp up switch-on time in each power outputs and power ready signals
Computer Module Act as a System Controller
Power Stress Application Software · Perform power stress test application
· Enable loop test
· Provide easy-to-use operation environment
Instrument Rack Rack up all the hardware for mobility and better housekeeping
On-site Start-up Service (R1360A-103) Keysight Technical Consultant goes to your site installation, system characterization and operation training