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Engineering and Design Services

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Keysight's staff of optical engineers is ready to apply their many years of leading edge optical design experience to your project. Whether it's a coating design to exacting specifications, the design of a new optic, consultation on an optical fabrication question, or help with a metrology or process control problem, we can provide specific state-of-the-art expertise to rapidly and efficiently solve your problem.

Services Available

  • Optical design
  • Thin film coating design
  • Optical fabrication consulting
  • Monolithic opto-mechanical assembly design
  • Optical metrology consulting and design
  • Process control consulting
  • Environmental test

Unlike optical design labs that outsource manufacturing, Keysight offers comprehensive and proven services from initial concept through volume production, even for complex assemblies. The result: faster turnaround, clear accountability, and the benefits of decades of real world manufacturing experience.