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Plano Optical Substrate Fabrication

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Keysight has the technology and expertise to fulfill all your requirements for precision plano substrates up to 300mm:

  • The latest in NC fabrication machinery and polishing equipment to provide fast turn-around for prototypes and consistent quality on production lots.
  • Extensive experience with a variety of optical glasses and unique form factors to give you what you want.
  • A suite of metrology instruments to ensure all parts will meet your specifications.

Standard Production Capabilities

  • Sizes from 12 to 300 mm
  • Surface flatness < λ /20
  • Transmitted wavefront < λ /15
  • Wedge to < 1 arc second
  • Angle tolerance < 10 arc seconds
  • Surface quality to 20-10 (Mil-0-13830)
  • Typical materials: BK7, SF10, FK51, Zerodur, fused silica