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Option 008 54855A 7 GHz Enhanced Bandwidth Oscilloscope

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:


Keysight Option 008 enhanced bandwidth software for the 54855A Infiniium oscilloscope allows you to adjust the 3 dB bandwidth of your scope to better meet your specific measurement needs. The software lets you increase your scope's bandwidth up to 7 GHz so you can make higher-frequency measurements. This mode is particularly useful for testing today's high-speed serial data streams, like those used for Fibre Channel 4.25 Gb/s buses.

Option 008 also lets you reduce your scope's bandwidth to as low as 1 GHz to reduce system noise. In standard mode, the software does not extend or reduce the bandwidth of the scope. Instead, it flattens the frequency response of the scope for improved measurement accuracy and repeatability.

  • Increased bandwidth mode allows you to make waveform measurements up to 7 GHz.
  • Noise reduction mode lets you improve the signal-to-noise ratio of your measurements.
  • Standard mode flattens the scope's frequency response for improved accuracy and repeatability.