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Key Features & Specifications

  • Courses that are designed to help trainers get acquainted with the system, as well as being able to instruct new users
  • Flexibility: The Kit's inter-connectable lightwave modules allow the flexibility of using the user's modules. You can therefore build your own lightwave circuits for testing and experiment.
  • User-friendly: An easy-to-use and handy test tool to verify your lightwave test equipment's functionality


Keysight's Lightwave Laboratory Kit includes two training materials and a CWDM Experiment box. The two training materials are Lightwave Communication basics and Measurement Fundamentals, and Laboratory Guide, of which the first one is targeted at helping users understand the theory of Lightwave Communication and its measurement. The second - Laboratory Guide - includes up to fourteen experiments to make practical measurements.

The CWDM Experiment box includes modules of transceivers, MUX, VOA, DeMUX, EDFA1, and photo detector1. Users are shown how to use Lightwave Instruments to measure passive optical components and passive optical components.

1Available only in the performance package


  • Reduced risk of measurements
  • Reduced training man-hours and cost
  • Improved quality, repeatability, and accuracy in testing
  • Reduced test cycle time
Components of Lightwave Laboratory Kit
  Description What you will learn
Lightwave Communication Basics and Measurement Fundamentals Theoretical fundamentals and demonstrations of practical lightwave measurements · Explain the fundamental block diagram and technical specifications of a lightwave communication system
· Evaluate measurement accuracy
Laboratory Guide An enhanced measurement learning experience through an effective hands-on approach with experiments to supplement theoretical knowledge Measurement of the modules and signal outputs in the CWDM Experiment box
R1360A-103 Start-up Assistance One day on-site Provides technical consultation to start using the Lab Kit