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E8247C-ABA Hardcopy of the English Documentation Set

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:


Purchase a hardcopy of the PSG Documentation Set (English version)
Option ABA provides a hardcopy of the English (United States) documentation set for the E8247C PSG CW signal generator.

Keysight ships a CD-ROM of the English documentation set (PDF format) with each new signal generator. To order additional copies of this CD, see Option CD1.

The English documentation set includes the following:

  • Installation Guide
  • Programming Guide
  • Assembly Level Service Guide
  • SCPI Command Reference Guide
  • Error Message Guide
  • Data Sheet

A hardcopy of each of the above listed guides may be ordered separately. Hardcopies of the user's guide in different languages are available as well.

The components of the English documentation set are also available, free of charge, in PDF format from the Keysight Web site.

How to upgrade
If you currently own an E8247C PSG, it can be upgraded to include Option ABA by ordering E8247C-ABA.