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PS-X10-100 Using a Vector Signal Analyzer to Make 802.11 Measurements

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Two day on-site Vector Signal Analyzer measurement and troubleshooting engineering service focused on a customer's Wireless LAN physical layer measurements. The objective of this service is to rapidly increase engineers' effectiveness setting up a vector signal analyzer, making measurements, and troubleshooting IEEE 802.11a/b/g circuits with the analyzer. Essential Wireless LAN measurements, results analysis, and signal impairments will be addressed.

  • Demonstration of the Advanced Design System capability
  • Overview of the 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer
  • Information on physical layer set up and measurements
  • Experience in making physical layer measurements
  • Best practices of troubleshooting signals with impairment
  • Experience in analyzing signals with impairment
  • Training materials to keep for reference
  • Laptop computers for up to 8 people for the duration of the training that include the 89600 software and several examples of signal impairment for troubleshooting
  • Hands-on measurements and troubleshooting performed on the customer's Device Under Test