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J6779A NTC Report Center

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This product is no longer available

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NTC Report Center provides tactical centralized reporting of network health and performance information compiled by NTC. This is a turnkey solution for hot-spot trending, network performance analysis, and network characterization for advanced diagnostics.

Many different report contents and formats are available. For example, generate reports showing the performance of specific areas of the network over time, or contributions to network performance and utilization by specific stations or protocols.

NTC Report Center is valuable for:
* characterizing the network over time to diagnose sporadic or recurring problems that are distributed in nature;
* baselining areas of the network for optimization, planning, and provisioning operations;
* generating professional reports for customers or management.

NTC Report Center offers a web interface for ubiquitous access to reports and report generation. NTC Report Center is available for both NTC RMON and NTC WLAN applications.