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E2142A Pigtailed Passive Component Test System

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The E2142A Pigtailed Passive Component Test System optically characterizes passive components after they have been pigtailed and packaged. It is designed for both high performance and high uptime.

The E2142A provides a fully automated turn-key solution for testing pigtailed devices and can be tailored to meet application specific needs. The system performs automated measurements of passive components in both manufacturing and engineering environments.

  • Increases throughput with high-speed parallel measurements.
  • Improves yield by finding yield points faster.
  • Increases profitability and customer satisfaction by ensuring only good devices pass final test.

Measurement Platform

The E2142A PCT system comes standard with a high performance tunable laser source (TLS) with low SSE output for high dynamic range and fast tuning speed for high throughput. Use of fast power meters and mainframe allows for high throughput measurements.

The E2142A PCT system uses Keysight's industry leading optical measurement instrumentation to provide the highest accuracy and dynamic range available. Our standard configuration measures Insertion Loss (IL), Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) and Return Loss (RL), as well as Deviation, Ripple, Center Wavelength and Bandwidth, Nth Channel Isolation (crosstalk) and Total Isolation. The E2142A measurement platform features Keysight's Photonics Foundation Library and reference tests for the latest measurement science.

Common Software Architecture

The E2142A utilizes a software environment and architecture common to several Keysight standard system platforms, ensuring a simple yet extremely flexible and modular architecture that fully integrates a commerical test executive.  Your  test/manufacturing engineer maintains control of the manufacturing process.