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J5425A Keysight Switch Advisor Overview

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Monitor activity across your switched environment without leaving your desk! Today's switched infrastructure solved yesterdays' problem of large collision domains, but introduced new troubleshooting challenges: protocol analyzers only report on the collision domain they're attached to, switched ports act like their own network, how do I manage hundreds of collision domains? Switch Advisor solves this problem!

Switch Advisor MIB functions come standard with Advisor software version 11.8 and Network Analyzer 1.2. To unleash the full power of Switch Advisor and access RMON features of your SNMP supported devices, you need only to purchase J5425A and enter the license key.

Automatically Discover all SNMP Devices in your Network

Search a user-specified range of IP addresses to discover all SNMP supported devices, then select from the list the device you want to view.

Monitor all Manufacturer Devices

Switch Advisor uses SNMP to access all your network connected devices, regardless who manufacturers it, and retrieves MIB and RMON statistics. Identifying and troubleshooting network problems is your problem...leave the interoperability issues to Keysight.

Identify Where the Problem is Quickly

Open the RMON Statistics view and do a descending order sort of the switch ports to identify your top utilized ports, or sort on "errors" to quickly locate which port (collision domain) is causing problems.

Comprehensive Overview of Port Health

Once you have located a port of interest with the RMON Statistics view, drill down to Single Port Statistics view to determine the health and activity of individual ports. Statistics include Octets, Bytes, Fragment & FCS errors, Collisions, and others reported in both cumulatively and for the last polling period.  

Quickly Assess Switch Efficiency

The Port Usage view graphically displays the last 30 minutes of Usage history (based on the default 10 second poll period) for device ports in the order of the last "sort". Quickly visualize the efficiency of any device (device must support RMON) and determine whether or not it is delivering the capacity necessary to support satisfactory response times to your users.

Alarm Suspect Ports

Switch Advisor vigilantly keeps watch over your network. Set alarms on individual or all ports. Customize fault thresholds to give you notice of network problems before they impact your users.

Create Log Files

Log port statistics including Alarms, Port Status, RMON, and MIB in any combination you need, creating individual files for the ports you select. The comma-separated variable files are in .csv format and ready for import into a spreadsheet for further analysis