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J2307A Token Ring Undercradle

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The Keysight J2307A undercradle adds comprehensive 4/16Mbps Token Ring testing capability to the J3446C/D/E LAN Advisor and J2300C/D/E WAN Advisor Mainframe. The high-performance analyzer receives and decodes all frames on the network and can transmit any standard or user-defined Token Ring frame up to maximum Token Ring line rates. Many of the performance analysis measurements, decodes, protocol analysis, expert measurements and traffic generation can run simultaneously in real time to maximize your ability to diagnose and troubleshoot Token Ring networks. Whether you are troubleshooting a production network or designing and optimizing a test network, the Token Ring Advisor provides you with the tools to do the job effectively and with minimal effort.

  • Solve network problems quickly and effectively with the Expert Advisor
  • Drill down capabilities allow you to pinpoint performance problems and Expert
  • Advisor recommends corrective action
  • Anticipate network problems using performance statistics and vitals
  • Obtain complete network information with comprehensive network statistics
  • Decode the major protocol stacks from layer 1 through layer 7
  • Stress test the network with a powerful traffic generator
  • User-friendly GUI simplifies the troubleshooting process