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E8718A Radar Target Simulator, 76-81 GHz, with Remote Front End

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Simulate up to 3 individual targets with respective front ends
  • Variable distance simulation from 4m to 300m, complimented with two customer defined fixed ranges
  • Low spurious emissions, -50 dBc (typical)
  • Low phase noise, -101 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz (typical)
  • Simulate and measure simultaneously
  • Front end configuration available with mono-static or bi-static antenna configuration
  • Alignment laser included with each front end


The E8718A Radar Target Simulator (RTS) design extends the base capabilities of the previous generation E8708A and has improved the usability for customers in different stages of the design lifecycle. Given where the test requirements are headed for the future of automotive Radar, the E8718A addresses more challenges, among those, the subject of interference test, and multi-target, multi-angle testing.

To add flexibility in physically positioning the radar target simulator, a newly designed remote radio head or remote front end is now available with the E8718A RTS and with it an improved simulated signal performance. The emote head leads also allows for simultaneous measurements while simulating targets, removing the need to switch between either in the previous models.

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