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IOT8740A IoT Wireless Test Solution, Multi-Devices

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Key Features & Specifications

A simplified over-the-air and conducted signaling test solution that delivers fast, reliable and accurate transmitter and receiver measurements of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

  • Test multiple IoT devices with first-to-market multi-devices parallel test configuration
  • Ensure performance of complete end devices including the antenna
  • Qualify IoT device in its actual operation without needing to put device into test mode
  • Save time and simplify test development with the intuitive and easy-to-use Soft Front Panel Pro, and automate your manufacturing test with the flexible test plan in Signaling Measurement Suite

Be confident that your designs – whether they are consumer or mission-critical IoT devices – meet product specifications

  • Cover commonly used IoT formats – Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2 and 5
  • Enable parallel testing of up to 16 devices in a single shielding enclosure
  • Quantify IoT device transmitter performance: transmitter channel power, transmitter power envelope, advertising interval and more
  • Perform detailed receiver testing: Channel based PER, Composite PER, scan response data throughput measurements
  • Wide input power measurement range from -50 to +17 dBm and output power range from -25 to -100 dBm


The Keysight IOT8700 series IoT wireless test solution can help you ensure that your products are robust, reliable and safe under any real-world condition. This cost-effective solution enables simplified over-the-air or conducted signaling testing of IoT devices in their actual operation mode and final form. The flexibility of the IOT8700 series allows you to easily integrate this solution into your existing R&D bench setup or manufacturing test setup – the solution covers the most commonly used radio formats such as Bluetooth® Low Energy and more, and offers multi-device parallel test configurations to maximize throughput. And with software based on Keysight's PathWave platform, the IOT8700 series is easy to configure and helps you save time through test automation, without needing to write your own programming codes.

Whether you are characterizing your IoT device over many different scenarios during the design process, filtering manufacturing defects or testing your IoT device for regulatory compliance, the Keysight IOT8700 series IoT wireless test solution gives you the confidence and reliability you need to ensure that your IoT products can withstand the mission-critical rigors of the real world.

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