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M8047A PCI Express Re-driver

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Extends back channel reach up to 17 dB
  • Two-stage CTLE and linear output driver
  • Integrated into M8070B software
  • Controlled and powered through USB-C
  • Target applications are PCI Express, CCIX, SAS, OIF CEI and IEEE 802.3
  • Max. specified data rate is 28 Gb/s – can be operated beyond 28 Gb/s


The M8047A PCI Express Re-driver enables the testing of devices with long back channels. Through a two-stage continuous-time linear equalizer and a linear output driver, equalize and boost the signal to the error detector. Easily operate with NRZ signals of up to 28 Gb/s. The M8047A complements the built-in equalization M8041A/51A and M8046A error detectors.

Next to PCI Express, the M8047A Re-driver is suitable for CCIX, SAS, OIF CEI and IEEE 802.3 applications within its data rate range.

Control the re-driver through the M8070B software, utilizing the graphical user interface and remote control for all parameters.

The M8047A requires at least version 7.2 of the M8070B software and an M8000 BERT Series AXIe module or an M8195A, M8196A or M8194A AWG AXIe module.

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