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N7005A 60 GHz optical-to-electrical converter

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Key Features & Specifications

  • 60 GHz Brickwall bandwidth covering 56 Gbd PAM4
  • DC coupled realtime optical signal acquisition system based on Keysight’s Infiniium UXR system with 1.85mm or 1mm input (≥40 GHz or higher)
  • Calibrated vertical scales at 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths
  • FlexDCA SW supports PAM4 measurement capabilities such as TDECQ
  • Measured S parameter filters for optimized DSP filters on every O/E
  • Single-mode (9 μm) optical fiber input, FC/PC compatible
  • Up to 4 optical inputs on a single UXR Series oscilloscope
  • Compatible with Infiniium UXR (with SW 10.25 patch) with AutoProbe III interface (≥ 40 GHz) only


The N7005A is a 60 GHz (-3dB, Brickwall) O/E converter compatible with the Keysight UXR oscilloscope with AutoProbe III 1.85 mm or 1 mm input. The frequency response of a DSP corrected N7005A is either flat up to 60 GHz Brickwall response or it follows a 4th order Bessel Thomson response until it hits the Brickwall at 70 GHz. The N7005A used in conjunction with 70 GHz Infiniium UXR oscilloscope supports 4th order Bessel Thomson response to view optical streams at speeds up to 56 Gbaud PAM4, making this the ideal solution for characterizing or troubleshooting high-speed optical signals in system level testing and debugging.

Infiniium UXR baseline software ver 10.25 or higher covers basic optical measurement features and dark calibration. The FlexRT measurement software installed on Infiniium UXR oscilloscope supports deep analysis of PAM4 signaling measurement capabilities such as TDECQ.