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KS2201A PathWave Test Sync Executive

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Key Features & Specifications

Rapid development of high performance, synchronous real-time solutions

  • Transparent multi-instrument synchronization
    - Parallelism without scaling penalty
  • Time-deterministic hardware-based execution
  • Real-time synchronous execution
    - Sequencing | Decision-Branching | Looping
  • Very low latency data exchange
  • Seamless interaction with PathWave FPGA custom IP
  • Programming via robust Python API (C# API available in late 2020)

Typical Testing Applications

  • Quantum research: Instrumented Qubit control systems
  • Multi-channel comms: MIMO, beamforming, multi-emitter test
  • Wireless PA test: alignment of envelope tracking (ET) and digital pre-distortion (DPD)
  • EW: Precisely timed multi-emitter and beamformed A/D systems
  • Other validation applications that require precise timing across multiple chasses and families of equipment. (note: equipment support is also required)

Other notes

  • The KS2201A software development environment (and run-time deployment modules based on it) require each participating instrument to have the appropriate hardware/firmware options enabled.
  • The new technology in the KS2201A goes well beyond the M3601A Hardware Virtual Instrument Design Environment. Please refer to the upgrade and migration guide in the document library.


The KS2201A PathWave Test Sync Executive is a programming environment based on Keysight's Hard Virtual Instrument (HVI) technology, that enables development and execution of synchronous, real-time operations across multiple instruments.

The real-time sequencing and synchronization capabilities of PathWave Test Sync Executive make it a breakthrough tool for developing measurement applications that require tight synchronization, phase coherence and real-time control and feedback.