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P8822S RuSIM over O-RAN Fronthaul

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Key Features & Specifications

Validate 5G RAN functionality and performance over the O-RAN fronthaul interface both in field and lab testing

  • Full protocol stack assessment from layer 1 to layer 7 for 5G NR (NSA/SA modes) over eCPRI interface
  • Functional testing – layer by layer – up to thousands emulated UEs
  • Performance and load testing
  • Protocol conformance testing
  • Compliance testing against interoperability specifications
  • Core emulation option for wrap-around testing
  • Fully scalable solution with a reduced footprint
  • Service quality validation with realistic subscriber and traffic modeling at high scale


RuSIM enables infrastructure vendors, chipset providers and mobile operators to validate end-to-end Radio Access Network performance by emulating real network traffic over the O-RAN fronthaul interface. Fully scalable and with a reduced footprint, our systems have been designed to accelerate multi-standard end-to-end network verification by generating IP traffic load, simulating applications running on thousands of concurrent devices operating real voice and data sessions. Full protocol stack assessment is possible from layer 1 to 7 for 5G NR (NSA/SA) over eCPRI. Functional and performance testing, protocol conformance testing and compliance testing against interoperability specifications can be performed.