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M8091CKPA Pre-Compliance Receiver Test Application for IEEE 802.3ck

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Key Features & Specifications

  • 100GAUI-1, 200GUI-2, 400GAUI-4 chip-to-chip (C2C) and chip-to-module (C2M) interfaces testing following recommendations from IEEE 802.3ck Annex 120F and Annex 120G (draft 1.2)
  • Guided setup, automated stress signal calibration and pre-compliance measurement according to IEEE 802.3ck draft 1.2
  • Remote-controlled instruments for test automation and reduced user interaction
  • HTML test report


The M8091CKPA receiver test application is designed to assist and simplify the testing of electrical interfaces inputs according to the IEEE 802.3ck, draft 1.2 chip-to-chip (C2C) and chip-to-module (C2M) recommendation using a Keysight M8040A 64Gbaud Higher Performance BERT and a Keysight Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA) Oscilloscope. Remote instrument control means all required calibration routines and compliance testing are performed automatically with reduced user interaction.

Interoperability of digital interfaces, following IEEE 802.3ck is expressed in terms of Channel Operating Margin (COM) for C2C interface and using the stressed eye method for C2M. COM is calculated out of the channel 4-ports S-parameters and of the noise and equalization functionality of the considered transmitter and receiver. In the stressed eye method, the receiver is tested with the worst possible signal allowed by the standard.

Results of the individual calibration steps and tests are presented in tabular form as well as graphical form where appropriate, which can be stored in projects and recalled at a later point in time. HTML reports are also possible.

Results of the Tx characterization procedure

Figure 1: Results of the Tx characterization procedure


Results of the Jitter tolerance test

Figure 2: Results of the Jitter tolerance test


C2M Host Multi-lane Stressed Input Test Result

Figure 3: C2M Host Multi-lane Stressed Input Test Result

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