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Key Features & Specifications

  • Easy connection - plug-and-play interface
  • Standard IEEE-488 interface (connect to up to 14 GPIB instruments)
  • Performance built-in buffering for speeds up to 900KB/s
  • Standard industry libraries with Keysight IO Libraries Suite


The Keysight 82350B is a high-performance IEEE-488 interface and software for 5v PCI-based PCs.

  Diagram of 82350B

Expand your connection using Keysight Open products give you the freedom to choose the right tools for your test solution and the assurance that they will all work together, every time. More on Keysight Open

To quickly establish instrument connection on a PC, download and install Keysight IO Libraries Suite

Automate and perform data analysis on your test system easily with Keysight VEE Pro