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Medalist Quality Tool

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
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Key Features & Specifications


  • Gather actionable information within minutes Details
  • Reduce WIP and improve test call accuracy Details


  • Multi-level drill downs for Pareto and Trend Chart
  • Flexible and easy configuration of quality dashboards
  • View historical trends and data
  • Export raw test and repair data


Medalist Quality Tool provides statistical quality control (SQC) analysis for Keysight test systems, including the Keysight Medalist Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) systems and Keysight Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems.

The economic benefits of SQC are well understood throughout the electronics manufacturing industry. Actually realizing the benefits, however, has been a study in frustration for many companies. Several obstacles come into play:

  • Repair results data must be aggregated across multiple SPC/SQC analysis systems and integrated across multiple test and inspection platforms -- rarely a straightforward task.
  • Process control information needs to be provided in a consistent format that is readily understood by line personnel with different levels of technical expertise.
  • Actionable information from test platforms must be optimized to improve test and repair as a process step. Only optimized information can accurately inform corrective actions for process control.
  • Test and repair results data must be linked directly to factory-wide MES/WIP tracking or quality systems.

Making SQC a Reality: Verify Quality, Reduce Cost-Per-Assembly

Medalist Quality Tool allows you to turn that data into usable, actionable information that helps you hit your quality targets, lower your cost-per-assembly, and streamline your in-house processes to improve test, repair, and assembly yields. Medalist Quality Tool marries SQC methods with Keysight's deep understanding of the electronics-manufacturing environment. The result: you get fast, easy access to actionable process control information that is equally accessible to technical and non-technical users alike. Pre-configurable views, context-sensitive drill-downs, PC-based charting, and straightforward export to Microsoft© Excel© spreadsheets make Medalist Quality Tool a powerfully simple tool for using, and benefiting from, the test results data you're already collecting.

  • Reduce cost-per-assembly by reducing repair WIP, increasing first-pass yields, and simplifying repair infrastructure
  • Monitor and manage processes to hit specific quality targets
  • Track line throughput and repair WIP to gauge test/repair efficiency
  • Minimize tester false calls

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Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Real-time defect monitoring and alarming for Keysight AXI and AOI test platforms · Increase first-pass yields and thus reduce cost-per-assembly with rapid response to process problems.
· React quickly to process problems to reduce repair WIP and therefore required repair infrastructure.
False call driver identification for Keysight AXI and AOI · Streamline repair infrastructure by reducing flow of materials through the repair loop.
· Increase confidence in test results data for both quality control and application to process control.
Throughput monitoring of the test and repair loop including ability to monitor repair WIP · Monitor efforts to improve efficiency in test and repair loops with easy-to-read efficiency trend charts.
Historical views of any real-time chart · Generate SQC charts to identify systemic process issues.
· Generate quality reports for internal and external OEM customers.
Spreadsheet export tool · Export selected data from Keysight Intelligent Test Framework (ITF) to Microsoft® Excel®.
· Use MS Excel to generate custom charts for in-depth analysis of test and repair results data, allowing more advanced SQC analysis.
Pre-configured drill downs for all supported views · Simplify operation for non-technical users such as line supervisors: key information for taking corrective action is presented in an easy-to-use form (for example, specific defects that triggered an alarm are highlighted so they can be pinpointed quickly).
Integrated with Medalist Repair Tool · Eliminate false call data, allowing more accurate information on true process yields.
Runs on the Intelligent Test Framework (ITF) · Improve communication with aggregated SQC data; including factory-wide yield alerts, across multiple testers.
· Simplify Medalist Quality Tool and Medalist Repair Tool application updates.
· Export Keysight test and repair results data quickly and easily through XML-Export to your in-house MES systems.
· Simplify data management.


The Medalist Quality Tool helps you monitor the variables that affect product quality and your assembly efficiency:

  • Real-time process control
    Top-line dashboards provide vital statistics, displaying yield and DPMO metrics along with alarms that notify you when defects get beyond prescribed levels. You get instant information so you can respond quickly to changing conditions. Details
  • Less repair work-in-process (WIP)
    The false-call reduction dashboard provides at-a-glance metrics with intelligent drill-downs to quickly identify false call drivers including tester, repair operator, or specific problems with your test program. The throughput and repair WIP dashboard tracks the flow of boards through your test and repair loop and provides a real-time snapshot of repair WIP. Both dashboards are alarmed, so you can respond quickly to changing conditions. Details
  • LAN-based monitoring of test and repair
    Medalist Quality Tool is fully integrated with the Medalist Repair Tool and is part of the Keysight Intelligent Test Framework (ITF). It takes advantage of all Medalist Repair Tooland ITF benefits including the ability to analyze results across multiple testers from any PC that is connected to the LAN.
  • Factory-wide SQC analysis
    All dashboards and drill downs can be switched from a real-time presentation to a historical presentation to reflect a user-defined time period. This flexibility allows a group of dashboards and their associated drill downs to represent any mix of assembly types and testers, within a platform type. or assembly types. Views can be specific to one tester or assembly, or to all testers and assemblies, and everything in between. Data sets can also be exported to Excel or other tools for customized in-depth analysis.
  • Designed for technical and non-technical users
    Intelligent-drill-downs speed diagnostics, so process engineers or line operators can quickly trace defects down to package type, pin number, or pick & place feeder.


  • N1106A-301 Medalist Quality Tool Viewer License

Key Specifications

  • A Local Area Network is required for connectivity between an ITF, Keysight Test Systems, and Medalist Quality Tool clients.
  • The Keysight 5DX, x6000, SJ50 and SP50 systems are supported by the Medalist Quality Tool.
  • Customers may purchase a Keysight supplied PC which can serve as a Medalist Quality Tool client or provide their own PC providing minimum specifications are met:
Component Medalist Quality Tool Client Minimum Requirement
Memory 512 MB RAM recommended
Hard Drive 1 GB of free disk space
Processor Intel Pentium 2.8GHz or higher processor
Monitor 17" monitor minimum, 19" or 21" recommended
Video SVGA or higher resolution (1024x768, 256 Colors)
Networking 10/100 Base T Ethernet card
Operating System Windows 2000 or Windows XP (with the latest Service Pack)

Those who purchase Medalist Quality Tool have access to an online tutorial for self-paced training.

Services related to Medalist Quality Tool are available under the Keysight Intelligent Test Framework (ITF). Please contact your Keysight representative to learn more, or to request more information.