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KS8109A Resource Arbiter Client

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Plugin to hook into Pathwave Test Automation
  • Automatically injects calls to Resource Arbiter server for locking resources
  • Example Code


Verification of devices, especially production, usually involves a set of test procedures using multiple instruments. To achieve high throughput and minimize cost of test it is necessary to make best use of the instruments and other resources by performing procedure steps in parallel and sharing instruments when testing multiple devices. But designing an optimum automated workflow for this is complicated. The Keysight Resource Arbiter supports this for optimizing resource usage.

A typical software configuration includes the KS8108A Resource Arbiter Server license, one or more KS8109A Resource Arbiter Client licenses together with KS8000A or KS8400A Pathwave Test Automation licenses, and optionally the plugins for instruments and other resources.