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N5182BX07 Frequency extender for EXG or MXG

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Provide a single RF output for full frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 7.2 GHz and 160 MHz modulation bandwidth.
  • Control from an MXG/EXG front panel as usual and automate the test systems using the same SCPI commands via LAN, GPIB, or USB.
  • Generate an 802.11ax 160 MHz bandwidth signal at 7.2 GHz and achieve excellent EVM performance < -47 dB (0.45%) for output power up to +5 dBm.


The N5182BX07 Frequency Extender extends any N5182B MXG or N5172B EXG with Option 506 to cover the 802.11ax bands and 5G unlicensed bands up to 7.2 GHz with exceptional error vector magnitude (EVM). Take your devices and designs to the limit with the N5182BX07 Frequency Extender.