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E9902G 2-Module In-Circuit Test (ICT) System, i317x Series 6

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Max node count: 2592
  • Max channel count: 576
  • Footprint: 1.49m x 0.94m / 4.89’ x 3.08’
  • Max no. of modules: 2


Your production line demands high throughput. Throughput requires test efficiency, test system stability, and seamless equipment integration. Keysight’s i3070 Series 6 family provides just that. Built upon a proven technology foundation, the Series 6 family ICT system improves test efficiency compared to previous offerings. With time-tested software, hardware, and programmability the Series 6 are fully backwards compatible with previous systems and make highly repeatable measurements.

  • Improved test efficiency with >40% faster Silicon Nails/Boundary-Scan testing and >6% faster overall testing on most PCBAs.
  • 100% backwards compatibility guarantees minimal down time for installation and complete code compatibility.
  • Certified M2M capabilities such as IPC-CFX and Hermes offer increased operation efficiency, greater test data insights, shorter response times, and reduced operating expenses.
  • Opportunity to save energy costs with a smart power supply, which intelligently monitors power consumption and reports energy savings.
  • Industry leading support with Keysight On-site Now! glasses. Get quick, secure, hands-free help from the experts in record time.
  • Modern software licensing demystifies license costs, centralizes license management, and scales to meet production demand.