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N1091BSCB Electrical TX Test SW for IEEE 802.3bs/cd (50/100/200/400 Gb/s)

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Key Features & Specifications

Comprehensive measurement and debug solution

  • Characterizes 200/400 Gb/s TX designs defined by IEEE 802.3bs
  • Characterizes 50/100/200 Gb/s TX designs defined by IEEE 802.3cd
  • Performs nearly 300 tests
  • Key measurements include 12-edge Output Jitter (Jnu, JRMS, EOJ), SNDR, SNR_ISI, eye-opening (EW5, EH5), and return loss

Flexible and extensible

  • Operate on an N1000A/86100D DCA-X oscilloscope, or on a PC connected to an N109x DCA-M via USB
  • Automatic HTML report generation
  • Test all or selected parameters to compliance limits or custom limits


  • N1000A DCA-X Mainframe
  • 86100D DCA-X Mainframe
  • N109X DCA-M Oscilloscope
  • N107X Clock Recovery


The Keysight N1091BSCB TX test application can be used with the N1000A/86100D DCA-X or N109X DCA-M Series oscilloscopes to quickly and accurately perform NRZ and PAM4 measurements according to:

  • IEEE 802.3bs 200 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s Operation

    • 200GAUI-x and 400GAUI-x Chip-to-Chip (C2C) TX characteristics
    • 200GAUI-x and 400GAUI-x Chip-to-Module (C2M) host/module output characteristics
  • IEEE 802.3cd 50 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, and 200 Gb/s Operation

    • Transmitter characteristics: 50GBASE-CR, 100GBASE-CR2, and 200GBASE-CR4
    • Transmitter characteristics: 50GBASE-KR, 100GBASE-KR2, and 200GBASE-KR4
    • LAUI-2 Chip-to-Chip (C2C) TX characteristics
    • LAUI-2 Chip-to-Module (C2M) host/module output characteristics
    • 50GAUI-x and 100GAUI-x Chip-to-Chip (C2C) TX characteristics
    • 50GAUI-x and 100GAUI-x Chip-to-Module (C2M) host/module output characteristics

The N1091BSCB is an easy-to-use TX test application that:

  • Saves time in understanding details of standards
  • Reduces the time it takes to characterize your PAM4 and NRZ design from hours to minutes
  • Helps debug your device using custom configurations
  • Allows you to quickly generate HTML reports that summarize the performance of your device

Key measurements include:

  • Jitter Measurements including Jnu, JRMS, and EOJ on “12-edges” of a PRBS13Q
  • Output Waveform measurements including Steady-State Voltage (Vf), Linear Fit Pulse Peak and Signal-to-Noise-and-Distortion (SNDR)
  • Transition Time
  • Eye Width (EW5) and Eye Height (EH5)
  • Return Loss

For a comprehensive and up-to-date list of specific tests covered by the application, download and install the N1091BSCB .exe onto a PC (click the Trials and Licenses tab), and run the application in “Demo Mode”. No license (or hardware) is required to run the software application in “Demo Mode”.