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M9506A AXIe High-performance 5-Slot Chassis

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Aerospace and defense
  • Communications
  • Electronics test
  • High-energy physics


  • 5 slots for AXIe instrument modules
  • Embedded AXIe system module
  • High Power, up to 300W Cooling per slot
  • Optional GPS synchronization and time stamping

Performance characteristics

  • Configurable, dual-port Gen 3 PCIe interface for connecting the chassis to an external controller and/or interconnecting multiple chassis (up to 16 GB/s data rate depending on configuration)
  • Gen 3 PCIe x16 links to each module slot (maximum 16 GB/s data rate)
  • ThunderboltTM 3 interface provides an alternative connection to a Thunderbolt-equipped laptop or desktop computer


The Keysight M9506A is a high-performance AXIe chassis and is the best choice for demanding, modular applications. The chassis is compliant with the AXIe 1.0 Rev 3.0 Wide-AXIe specification. It provides 5 slots for AXIe instrument modules, up to 300 watts per slot, and includes an embedded system module that does not take up an instrument slot. The embedded system module (ESM) provides a Gen 3 x8/x16 PCIe® interfaces for connecting the chassis to an external controller or expanding the system using multiple chassis. To minimize rack space, the instrument module slots are arranged horizontally. The chassis is the quietest AXIe chassis available with its new cooling design.

The M9506A-GPS option adds GPS synchronization ability along with an external antenna port on the front panel. It provides an accurate 1 PPS output and the 10/100 MHz reference can be locked to this clock. The PPS signal can be propagated to trigger I/O and trigger events can be timestamped. Other GPS information is also provided including latitude, longitude, and altitude.