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SA8710A Automotive Cybersecurity Penetration Test Platform

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Key Features & Specifications

A combination of Hardware plus Software plus Services

  • Hardware that connects to the DUT via all relevant interfaces
  • Software that runs attacks against (exploits) the various interfaces

Validation of your systems using the Keysight threat database

  • Includes a subscription to the Keysight Application and threat intelligence (ATI) library. *Initial subscription for one year, can be extended thereafter.

Regression testing and enterprise level management

  • Save the found vulnerabilities for repetitive use
  • Integrate with the Keysight Pathwave Lab Operations platform

Integration with our customers enterprise platform

  • Cloud and database services
  • Integrate your own tests


Keysight provides a complete Automotive Cybersecurity solution from the hardware level through all layers of the OSI stack. The Automated end to end device security testing cover all access interfaces on a platform that will enable you to detect and fix vulnerabilities quicker allowing faster time to market. The Keysight application and threat intelligence (ATI) database is a subscription-based service which allows testing of your devices against known vulnerabilities, plus allowing the integration of your own threat database. The Penetration Test Solution is based on Keysight’s UXM platform, Ixia Security expertise, Keysight PathWave Lab Operations platform for test case management and Regression testing.