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1GC1-8291-BLK DC-50 GHz 10 dBm/Adjustable Packaged Limiter

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Broadband Frequency coverage, specified to 26.5 GHz, usable to 50 GHz
  • Two Independent Limiters for Single-ended or Differential Signals
  • Ultra-flat Group Delay for High Pulse Fidelity
  • RoHS Compliant SMT 2mm x 2mm QFNSurface Mount package


The 1GC1-8291 is a 26.5 GHz, packaged integrated diode limiter (usable to 50 GHz) that can be used to protect sensitive RF circuits and subsystems from excess RF power, DC transients, and ESD. The 1GC1-8291 can be used as an unbiased 10 or 18 dBm passive limiter; it also provides adjustable limiting and peak power detection capabilities up to 20 dBm. In addition to millimeter wave analog applications, the ultra-flat group-delay, available with this MMIC, makes it an ideal input or output protection solution in time-domain pulse applications. The 1GC1-8291 is available in a 2mm x 2mm Quad Flat - No Leads (QFN) SMT package to preserve BW performance and save space on densely populated PC Board designs.