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GS-8300 WLAN Manufacturing Functional Test System

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Standard 802.11b/g test platform tailorable to meet specific needs
  • System software with fixturing options
  • No Golden Unit required; integrated One-Box-Tester and multiple fixturing options
  • Services, including capacity transfer, optimization, installation, training, RF expertise, consulting, and project management offering a single customer interface
  • High system uptime, ensured by Keysight´s worldwide, locally delivered support, with calibration, maintenance, and spare parts available


Reduce risk while accelerating time-to-market, time-to-volume, and time-to-profit with Keysight's GS-8300 Wireless LAN test system.

The GS-8300 WLAN Test System is a tailorable test platform that helps WLAN module manufacturers quickly ramp up production, increasing manufacturing product yields while reducing overall cost of test.

The GS-8300 WLAN test solution is a fully integrated turnkey solution which tests GlobeSpan 802.11b/g, as well as other WLAN chipset designs. It can be tailored to meet application specific needs and is supported worldwide.

The GS-8300 WLAN test system minimizes cost of test while accelerating time-to-market, time-to-volume and time-to-profit by using a standard platform that is extensible for future requirements.

The system features an integrated One-Box Tester, several fixturing options, and easy-to-use Wireless Test Manager software. It requires no Golden Unit and makes cost-effective EVM measurements for high throughput. Intended for broad application across many formats, the GS-8300 is designed for WLAN chipset and reference design manufacturers as well as for the development and manufacturing testing of WLAN modules. One-Box Tester

The GS-8300 includes everything necessary to support production testing.