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Key Features & Specifications

The ADS Memory Designer Bundle includes ADS Core, TransConv, Channel, IT, Layout, SIPro, PIPro, and Memory Designer and is recommended for:

  • Hardware product designers and SI/PI engineers with a focus on either high-speed serial links, power integrity, or DDR memory system design


The ADS Memory Designer Bundle consists of ADS Core, TransConv, Channel, IT, Layout, SIPro, PIPro, and Memory Designer as shown in the table below.

Functionality in this Bundle
Model Number Name Description
W2200BP ADS Core Provides essential RF and microwave design capabilities in a highly productive enterprise schematic design environment. Fast linear simulation, comprehensive filter and passive circuit synthesis.
W2302EP Transient Convolution and Channel Simulation Element Advanced time-domain Element that includes Transient Simulator (SPICE transient analysis including HSPICE and Spectre compatibility modes), IBIS Model Library, Convolution Simulator (creates time-domain models from frequency domain data), Channel Simulator (includes bit-by-bit and statistical modes, eye diagrams and BER contours, IBIS AMI).
W2307EP Interconnect Toolbox Element The Interconnect Toolbox Element enables you to optimize your PCB stack up and design transmission line geometry. It also provides a high accuracy via design simulator which helps you to design a parameterized, impedance-matched via transition (single-ended and differential).
W2321EP Layout Element Comprehensive physical design environment specifically geared for high-frequency circuit development, including artwork import/export for ODB++, DXF, Gerber/drill, IGES and GDS-II formats.
W2360EP SIPro Signal Integrity EM Analysis Element SIPro provides signal integrity (SI) analysis of complex high-speed PCBs, enabling you to characterize loss and coupling of signal nets, and ultimately extract an EM-accurate model that can be used in the ADS Transient and Channel Simulators.
W2359EP PIPro Power Integrity EM Analysis Element PIPro provides complete power integrity (PI) analysis of your power distribution network (PDN). Simulation engines include DC IR drop analysis, Thermal and Electro-Thermal DC analysis, PDN AC impedance analysis, Bill of Materials optimization for decoupling capacitors, and finally power plane resonance analysis.
W2393EP Memory Designer Element The Memory Designer Element includes Memory Designer workflow and DDR Bus Simulator.

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