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Key Features & Specifications


Functional Testing Solution for IoT Devices – A New Way to Achieve Faster Time to Market, At A Lower Cost

X8711AU is a radio upgrade that enables either the Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 signaling radio or the WLAN b/g/n signaling radio for the Keysight X8711A IoT Device Functional Test Solution.

Option available for: X8711A

Order as: X8711AU-001 for Bluetooth LE 4.2 Signaling Radio Upgrade or X8711AU-002 WLAN b/g/n Signaling Radio Upgrade

Upgrade contents: Receive software entitlement certificate, install the Keysight 34999 Utility from the Technical Support section of to follow the instructions in the ‘Self Test’ tab of the 34999 Utility program, and obtain software license to enable the upgrade.

Installed by: Customer

Notice: Keysight will discontinue the KS83301A and the KS83302A on January 1, 2020 after which limited support basis will be in effect. Keysight has launched the replacements which are the KS83301B and KS83302B respectively.

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