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M8054A Interference Source, 32 GHz

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Random level interference with crest factor > 4
  • Sinusoidal level interference
  • Common mode and differential mode
  • Bandwidth adjustable up to 32 GHz
  • 4 differential output channels to avoid baluns
  • Adjustable amplitude up to 1 Vpp (se), 2 Vpp (diff.)
  • 1-slot AXIe module for combined configurations with M8040A high-performance BERT
  • Graphical user interface and remote control via M8070B system software for M8000 series of BER test solution


The Keysight M8054A interference source allows to generate repeatable and accurate level impairments for testing of high-speed digital receivers that support symbol rates up to 64 Gbaud.

Target applications:
Receiver test for devices with PCIe® 4/5, OIF CEI-56G, IEEE802.3 bs, bj, cd, by, SAS, and other high-speed digital interfaces.