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N6792A DC electronic load module, 1U height, 60 V, 40 A, 200W

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Double-wide module, up to 2 modules in mainframe
  • Maximum 200 Watts sinking power per module
  • Voltage: Up to 60V
  • Current: Up to 40A
  • Advanced operating Modes: CV, CC, CR, CP
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • High speed synchronized digitization of voltage and current
  • Superior command processing time and current slew rate
  • USB, LAN, GPIB interfaces standard
  • N6700C style user interface for ease of use and familiarity


The Keysight N6792A offer 1U height modular electronic DC load module for N6700C mainframes. Capable of sinking power up to 200W per channel and be configured with up to two modules in a mainframe.

Testing multiple DC power conversion systems can be time consuming if each output must be tested sequentially and measurements are being performed through external equipment. Using the built-in measurement capabilities of N6792A electronic DC loads, all outputs can be measured simultaneously allowing multiple output power systems to be tested in a shorter period.

For bench use take advantage of the N6705C mainframe. The powerful built-in arbitrary waveform generator allows users to emulate complex load profiles. Use the built-in data logger or scope capture to simplify generation of test reports for your application.

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