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S97029A Noise Figure Measurements with Vector Correction

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Configuration typique  

Configuration typique

S97029A Noise figure measurements with vector correction

  • S97029A-1FP Noise figure measurements with vector correction, node-locked perpetual license
  • EDEL-ONLY-01 License certificate delivery - email only


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Enables high-accuracy noise figure and noise-power measurements
  • Surpasses the accuracy of the Y-factor method and other cold-source implementations
  • Optional scalar-calibrated method for faster measurements without an impedance tuner


The instrument’s standard receivers are used for noise figure measurements with the S97029A. An external preamplifier and filter(s) is required for devices with < 30 dB of excess noise (gain plus noise figure in dB). S97029A controls Keysight N4690 Series ECal modules configured as impedance tuners for use with the USB VNA.

For calibration, a standard mechanical cal kit or ECal module is required for the S-parameter portion of the cal (an ECal used as a tuner cannot be shared for calibration). To calibrate a standard receiver for noise figure measurements, a power meter is required. All calibration accessories must be ordered separately.

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