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KS83301B Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 Signaling Measurement Suite

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Provides the test steps for essential RF parameters testing such as input power measurement and receiver sensitivity with PER tests
  • Use with the X8711A IoT Device Functional Test solution and KS8400A TAP Developer System (recommended)
  • Easy to use interface with the KS8400A, with data reporting


Functional Testing Solution for IoT Devices – Simplify Test Development with the KS83301B Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 signaling Measurement Suite

The KS83301B is a Test Automation Platform (TAP)-based measurement suite which provides a simple interface that allows you to easily and quickly conduct tests without needing to spend time writing test software. It provides the test steps to perform essential RF parameters testing on Bluetooth LE devices such as input power, receiver sensitivity and PER measurements.

Using the Keysight KS8400A TAP Developer’s System with the KS83301B, you will be able to:

  1. Make test sequence or steps adjustments to suit your testing needs
  2. Adjust measurement settings
  3. Create your own custom GUI, test steps and sequence
  4. Setup test parameters
  5. Perform data logging and reporting

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