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Key Features & Specifications

SystemVue 2018 Update 1.0 is a major update release with the addition of these key capabilities:

  • Enhanced 5G NR Baseband Verification Library
  • Updated Phased Array Analysis
  • Miscellaneous Platform Enhancements
  • New Automotive RADAR features and examples

Note: SystemVue 2018 Update 1.0 is available for download now.

To download the current version of the software, select the Trials & Licenses tab, then click the Details & Downloads button.


SystemVue ESL Software

SystemVue 2018 Update 1.0 is a major update release that supports 3GPP release 15.3.0.

Enhanced 5G NR Baseband Verification Library

  • Updates to 3GPP release 15.3.0 (2018-09) and new features (PT-RS)
  • Support for 3D MIMO channel V15.0.0 (2018-06)
  • DL and UL new and updated channels (including PDCCH)
  • Addition of UL Receiver (including PUSCH, PUCCH)
  • GUI to simplify configuration of complex 5G NR DL and UL parameters
  • Automated 89600 VSA configuration and complementary EVM measurement models
  • New example workspaces including: downlink / uplink EVM measurement, uplink throughput simulation, downlink throughput simulation with beamforming for FR2

Updated Phased Array Analysis

  • Enhancements to modelling of active impedance
  • Increased support for non-linear parameters in array RF attenuator elements
  • Updates to beam pattern normalization
  • Support for pattern files including effects of absolute element location
  • Automatic calculation of polarization mismatch
  • Polarization specification using axial ratio and tilt

Miscellaneous Platform Enhancements

  • Example explorer updates
  • Addition of Part Wizard to SystemVue
  • Enhancements to 3D graphing, including rotation lock persistence
  • Updates to Data Flow ADC models

New Automotive RADAR features and examples

  • Complex target and environment modelling including bicyclist, guard rail, road surfaces & manhole covers, fire plugs
  • Pulse modulated continuous wave (PMCW) model support
  • Example for resolving ambiguous range and velocity

Start Using SystemVue

If you are ready to get started using SystemVue:

  • Click Trials & Licenses > Details & Download > Request Free Trial License.

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