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M8070EDAB Error Distribution Analysis Package for M8000 Series BER Test Solutions

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Symbol-error distribution
  • Consecutive bit-errors distance distribution
  • Burst-error detection
  • Error map
  • Frame loss ratio (counted and estimated)


The M8070B system software for the M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions can be enhanced by additional software packages, such as M8070ADVB or M8070EDAB to get the best out of the M8040A, M8020A and M8030A J-BERT platforms.
The M8070EDAB Error Distribution Analysis package offers features like burst mechanism detection and analysis, frame loss ratio estimation and error mapping.
For instance, you can easily estimate your FEC decoder margin or find the root cause of systematic errors by exploring the error map.


Figure 1: Measured and estimated symbol error per frame distribution