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Soft touch Mid bus probe for PCI Express

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The midbus probe enhances the serial protocol tester XC for PCI Express by increasing protocol test coverage and eliminates the need for time-consuming test board setups.

Engineers and lab managers in R&D, validation and QA labs who are testing PCI Express drivers, BIOS, chipsets, boards, systems and platforms, can perform protocol measurements in parts of the system, such as chip-to-chip, which would otherwise be inaccessible due to lack of slot or connector. This provides a dual approach to connect the E2960A protocol analyzer to PCI Express designs; either through slot/interposer probe board or through the E2941A midbus probe. Keysight is the only supplier offering a midbus probing solution utilizing soft touch technology for both logic analyzers and protocol analyzers.

The Keysight E2941A midbus probe increases the flexibility of the E2960A protocol analyzer by enabling a direct connection from the probe to the targets on a printed circuit board without the use of an adapter. This approach simplifies the validation of high-speed digital designs that are tight on space or that require minimal disruption of signal routing.

With the E2941A soft touch midbus probe for PCI Express, engineers are able to analyze a high speed PCI Express chip-to-chip communication without influencing the signals. The soft touch probe utilizes micro spring-pin technology to provide a reliable connection to the signal pads without the need for special cleaning or special surface finishes of the probe pads.