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M809256PA OIF-CEI CEI-56G Receiver Test Application

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

  • Supported Standards are CEI-56G-VSR PAM4 for host and module 18 to 29 GBaud
  • Guided setup, automated stress signal calibration and pre-compliance measurement
  • Same look and feel as N6472A IEEE802.3bs/cd compliance application
  • CEI-56G-VSR PAM4 implemented according to draft 13, (crosstalk calibration at TP4 and TP1a according to draft 11)
  • HTML test report
  • Can be integrated with N8844A Data Analytics Web Service software
  • M809256PA-1FP fixed node locked license includes 12 months of update service and support


The M809256PA receiver test application is designed to assist and simplify the stress signal calibration used for testing the inputs of OIF-CEI CEI-56G-VSR PAM4 capable hosts and modules. It reduces user interaction to a minimum and performs all required calibration routines and compliance testing automatically by remote controlling all required instruments.


View calibration status and select calibration steps and tests to run


The test application utilizes the same frame work for the graphical user interface like most of Keysight transmitter test applications, reducing training time by providing a common look and feel. When a user is required to perform setup changes, the user is guided by diagrams as well as text to minimize errors.

M8040A 64-GBaud-High-performance-BERT-testing-an-OIF-CEI-56G-VSR-PAM4-receiver

OIF CEI-56G VSR PAM4 receiver stress test setup using an M8040A BERT


OIF-CEI CEI-56G-VSR PAM4 defines the stress signal through a mated host compliance board (HCB) and module compliance board (MCB) connection. Both the receiver side as well as the transmitter side have equalization capabilities. The definition of the stress signal assumes an optimized link. Therefore, the transmitter of the receiver test equipment and the receiver of the signal measurement device must be optimized for the given stress channel. This must be done iteratively for each test setup. The standard requires the transmitter equalization (TxEQ) to be kept as small as possible to increase the stress on the device under test receiver (DUT RX). This process is very time consuming. The M809256PA receiver test application performs this task automatically.


PAM4 receiver stress signal for OIF CEI-56G VSR calibrated using M8091BSPA


Results of the individual calibration steps and tests are presented in tabular form as well as graphical form where appropriate. Calibrations and test results can be stored in projects and recalled at a later point in time. The application can generate an HTML based test report.

The N1085A PAM4 Measurements Application for Ethernet and OIF-CEI for sampling oscilloscopes and the N6472A IEEE 802.3bs/cd compliance application for Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes offer automated transmitter testing for IEEE 802.3 200GAUI-4 & 400GAUI-8 PAM4 host or module outputs.

The N4917BSCA Optical Receiver Stress Test application addresses test needs for optical input test of transceiver modules for 400GBASE-LR8/-FR8 as well as 200GBASE-LR4/-FR4/-DR4.

Recommended Instrument Configurations for 200GAUI-4 & 400GAUI-8 C2M Receiver Test Setup