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BG1000A Audio Measurement Library

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Easily implement complex audio measurements by simply calling the measurement functions included in the BG1000A Audio Measurement Library without the need to worry about the computation details.
  • This audio measurement library is not tightly coupled with any hardware. The library should be able to be used by any party that needs these measurement functions.
  • Shorten the development time and achieve quality results sooner.
  • Multiple SINAD acquisitions from a single command allow custom averaging algorithm application for sensitivity measurements.
  • Supporting various software development environment such as Visual C#, Visual C++, Keysight VEE, LabVIEW.


The Keysight Technologies, Inc. BG1000A Audio Measurement Library provides powerful audio analysis functions for software developers. It allows users to perform complex audio measurements using data captured from Audio Analyzer, Digitizer and other hardware. It enables fast and easy software development of any applications which require audio analysis.