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Key Features & Specifications

Key features of WaferPro Express 2019 Update 1.0 include:

  • New WaferPro Data Viewer – display and analyze measured data across the wafer.
  • New VISA enabled instrument connectivity – connect to instruments via LAN/USB or GPIB
  • Hardware Connection GUI – better usability and faster re-build
  • A-LFNA 2019 support with E4727P3 A-LFNA WGFMU – measure RTN and 1/f with the B1500A DC analyzer and B1530A plug-in.

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WaferPro Express Device Modeling SoftwareWaferPro Express 2019 Update 1.0 is the next major step in delivering new capabilities, new technologies and more improvements to further realize a long-term vision of improving measurement productivity and efficiency.

New WaferPro Data Viewer

The new Data Viewer is an independent Data Display Window which enables you to create various types of plots and analyze data measured across the wafer by automatically loading and combining the several MDM data files. The Data Viewer is a post-processing tool. After the Test Plan has completed, the Data Viewer allows you to display and analyze data form multiple devices and dies across the wafer. For example, you can easily display a specific IV curve for multiple devices and identify outliers. The Data Viewer can also be used to display statistical distributions of spot data by using histogram and map distribution plots as shown in the Figure below.

Data View Main Window UI

Figure 1. Data View Main Window User Interface.

New VISA Enabled Instrument Connectivity

New in this release is also the ability to connect to Instruments via LAN/USB or GPIB with Keysight VISA and PyVISA. This provides engineers further flexibility and creates powerful custom measurement algorithms. For some instruments like the B1500 DC Analyzer, the new VISA LAN link enables the possibility of controlling built-in Measurement Algorithms part of the instrument software, EasyExpert.

Add Instruments or GPIB-type Interfaces

Figure 2. Add (GPIB, USB, TCPIP) Instruments or GPIB type Interfaces.

For PEL written drivers using HPIB_* PEL functions, we now provide support for direct connections to instruments that support LAN or USB direct connections via VISA IO libraries. The PyVisa 1.8 python library is included with WaferPro Express python environment and provides VISA standard API functions in python.

A-LFNA 2019 Support with E4727P3 A-LFNA WGFMU

In addition to our high-end top-performance Advanced Low Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-LFNA) shown in Figure 3, WaferPro Express 2019 Update 1.0 adds support for E4727P3 A-LFNA WGFMU. The E4727P3 enables the powerful WaferPro Express/A-LFNA software to control the B1530A WGFMU B1500A’s plug-in to measure 1/f and RTN noise in a fully automated on-wafer environment.

E4727A A-LFNA Advanced Low Frequency Noise Analyzer

Figure 3. E4727A A-LFNA Advanced Low Frequency Noise Analyzer.

For more information on the A-LFNA system, refer to the E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer page.

Finally, this release also represents the achievement of a major quality milestone with over 100 defects and enhancements addressed. WaferPro Express now supports LINUX RHEL 32-bit and 64-bit. For updated OS support, refer to the Supported Platforms page.

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