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Key Features & Specifications

  • Automatically correlates the critical RF or DC events from your IoT device’s subsystems for example: RF radio, alarm or MCU to the power consumption
  • Obtain the charge measurement profile of your IoT device over several days with latest continuous data logging mode to effectively estimate battery life based on its behavior
  • Accurately capture the dynamic current consumption of your device as it transitions between different operating states, from sleep/idle mode drawing the least current to active transmitting mode drawing the most with wide dynamic range current measurement from nA to A and fast 20 µs sampling rate
  • Supports various radio technologies such as short-range (Bluetooth® 5, WLAN, Zigbee) and long range (NB-IoT, LoRA, Sigfox).
  • Provides in-depth current analysis and insights into the subsystems which are contributing to the power drain for you to make design decisions
  • Battery life estimation
  • Quickly retest your device to verify the effects of the design changes


Take the guesswork out of battery life optimization efforts

Get real insights into the power consumption of your device with event-based power analysis

The need for convenience and portability has led to increasingly smaller and battery-operated IoT devices. An IoT device typically includes subsystems such as RF radio, display, alarm, mechanical actuators, MCU, and more. The X8712A IoT device battery life optimization solution helps you determine how much charge is consumed in a typical operational cycle of your device and the contribution of each subsystem in terms of battery draw to the total power consumption of your device. It then estimates runtime based on your device’s charge consumption behavior.

The X8712A IoT device battery life optimization solution provides Keysight-exclusive measurement hardware with the KS833A2A PathWave Event-based Power Analysis software to help you analyze the power consumption of your IoT device down to the subsystem level estimate the device’s battery runtime and to detect design weaknesses .

You can then make informed design decisions to the architectural, hardware configuration, and/or firmware to manage power efficiently and optimize your device for long battery life.

Whether your device runs on Bluetooth®, NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox or WLAN connections, you will be able to release your product quicker to the market.

With the KS833A2A Event-based Power Analysis software and its intuitive user interface, you are able to work on what matters the most – validating your device in real-world operation mode.

Request for a free 30-day KS833A2A trial license today! Please follow the instructions here.

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